1. How much does the Hungarian Golden Visa cost?

It is up to the investment form in Hungary, but there are 3 three investment options:

  • real estate trust in the amount of EUR 250 k
  • real property investment in the amount of EUR 500 k
  • donation in the amount of EUR 1M*

2. How to apply for the Golden Visa in Hungary?

Please fill out our form (by clicking the Contact button) or send us an email to goldenvisa@bdolegal.hu.

We will select a proper consultant who will response to you within 24 hours. We will help you to prepare the Golden Visa application and support you throughout the whole process.

3. What are the requirements for real estate find investment?

  • The fund should be registered by the Hungarian National Bank and meet the criteria specified by the law
  • At least 40% of the assets of the fund should be real property
  • Investment volume should reach EUR 250.000

4. What are the requirements for reap property investment?

  • the investment volume should reach EUR 500,000
  • the real estate should be registered as residential property in the land register
  • the real estate should have an own topographical number
  • the real estate should be free of any claim, lien, encumbrances

5. What are the requirements for a donation?

  • the donation should reach EUR 1 M
  • Hungarian university or high school should be donated which meets the requirements specified by the law.

6. Are there any associated costs to real property investment?

Yes, legal costs connected to the real property investment equals to 6 % of the investment.

7. What services are included in the legal fee?

The fee includes the following services:

  • consultation regarding the procedure, requirements, documentation
  • review of requested documentation
  • obtaining appointment for visa application
  • preparation of application
  • representation before Hungarian authorities
  • ongoing monitoring of the application
  • pre-sale and purchase contract
  • final sale and purchase contract
  • rental agreement etc.

8. Which family members can I include in my Golden Visa application?

Spouse and minor children raised jointly with the spouse are treated as family members.

9. When can the investor sell the real property?

The real property can only be sold after 5 years from the acquisition thereof. The prohibition of alienation of real property within 5 years should be registered in the Land Registry.

10. Can you manage the real property investments in Hungary?

Yes, we are collaborating with real estate advisors of BDO who can manage the real property portfolio in Hungary.

11. Can I purchase the investment through my company?

No. Currently the Golden Visa law states that the only the applicant should purchase the fund or the real estate property.

12. Do I have to pay tax in Hungary?

Due to the investment in Hungary, there will be no personal income tax payable in Hungary. In case of purchase of real property 4% transfer tax is payable by the investor.

13. Do I get access to free healthcare in Hungary?

Yes. Investors have free access to healthcare system in Hungary.