1. Visa Services

  • Providing advice on legal and financial implications of obtaining visas
  • Assistance with visa applications for short-term visits, such as business visas, work visas
  • Guidance on the requirements and process for obtaining various types of visas, including business visas, work visas, family reunion visas
  • Legal representation for foreign citizens in visa matters, including applications, appeals, administrative procedures

2. Residency Permit Services

  • Providing advice on legal and financial implications of residency permits
  • Advising on the requirements and eligibility criteria for obtaining residency permits
  • Assistance with the application process for temporary or permanent residency permits, including documentation and legal requirements.
  • Legal representation for foreign citizens in residency permit matters

3. Citizenship Services:

  • Providing advice on legal and financial implications of citizenship
  • Providing information on the pathways to citizenship, including naturalization processes and eligibility criteria.
  • Assisting with citizenship applications and documentation, including gathering necessary evidence and completing application forms.

4. Golden Visa Services:

  • Guidance on investment-based residency programs ( „golden visas”)
  • Assistance with the selection of investment options that meet the criteria for obtaining a golden visa
  • Legal representation in golden visa issues (incl. preparing sale and purchase contract, rental agreements etc.)

5. Legal services

  • company set up
  • preparation of contracts (sale and purchase contract, rental agreement)
  • registered seat services
  • representation before Hungarian authorities

6. Additional services

We are part of BDO Hungary (, one of Hungary’s leading advisory firms. With more than 300 consultants in Hungary, we can provide you a wide range of complementary services, especially:

  • fund advisory
  • real property advisory
  • real property valuation
  • real property management
  • wealth planning
  • business advisory